Propagation tips (a series) - Environmental Factors

Propagation tips (a series) - Environmental Factors

It’s a CRAZE.

It’s a TING.. 

Everyone likes to play god so why not propagate everything.

Propagating your plants might seem a bit daunting but can be extremely rewarding when you get it right. Seeing those roots after weeks of anxious waiting is so reassuring and makes you feel like the stars have aligned and luck is on your side. 

Fear not my plant friends there are things you can do to curb that anxiety and have more control of your success in propagating. 

We’ve been doing so for a few years now so we are by no means experts however we would like to share with you what we’ve learned. Here’s a few tips that can get you on your way to becoming an indoor propagation plant master. Maybe addict. I’d probably go with addict. Shhhh I won’t tell anyone ;)


Most indoor plants love to be warm. That’s why so many of them go dormant in winter. It’s just too much energy for them to stay awake. The easiest way to provide some heat is by using a heat mat. We have some on the way but you can pick these up easily from Mitre 10 or Bunnings. They don’t use too much energy so no worries about that power bill. 


Think jungle. Most of our indoor plants that we’ve come to love are exotics and come from some part of the world that’s a jungle environment. Jungles are wet, rainy and humid most of the time. That’s the clue. Humidity. To keep the humidity in while your cuttings are propagating we recommend using a propagation box. Basically a mini greenhouse. You can get these again from Bunnings or Mitre 10. Make sure you use a humidity meter just to make sure that you are in more control.


Light = Life. The sun is why we are all here. A plants natural food is two things, water and light. Photosynthesis is technically the word. You can easily give them water but adding a bit more light to their life can be trickier. However you can bring it indoors with a grow light here. Pop it on top of your prop box and your babies will thank you.

Rooting hormone

This will exponentially increase your chances of getting roots to form. We use Egmont IBAdex powdered rooting hormone. Dip the tips before putting them in your growing medium.

Environmental factors are in your control. Don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work the first time. Keep tweaking. And when you have the right formula - rinse and repeat and share your secret with the plant world!

In the next blog I’ll go further into which growing mediums I’ve found worked well and how this can help with propagation.

Keep growing!

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