Living a kiwi plant life

Living a kiwi plant life

Unable to put a pin in the wall or own an animal for fear of eviction so many millennials have adopted a new found love for plants and the movement has not slowed down, the number of hashtags for a #monsteramonday is currently at 264k and growing rapidly... Well, every Monday.

Once we learn that our plants actually have added benefits to our decor and air quality its no wonder we are all getting a tad overgrown in our living spaces. When my boyfriend moved in he did question the Boston fern hanging in our shrub and the maidenhair fern to close for comfort next to the toilet.

For a small country like New Zealand, our range and diversity of indoor culture are limited to what our Plant Biosecurity have in their index so we are starting to see particular species becoming ever popular and on high demand. Small growers will supply a number of plants for a new release and retailers will sell out in minutes, let’s not forget this is work hours and those who can afford sort after gems are the ones at work.

Goodbye work productivity, Welcome home plant mail.

Now to dish the dirt what we see happen are several lucky people own this lush full plant they take a pair of snips and make their pennies back by selling a few clippings with a root or node on trade me for the same price. But of course, we can’t help but need to get in on the craze so we can have the insta-plant porn worthy post.

In recent years plants have gained in serious popularity, images of tropic leaves and flowers are printed on almost everything.

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