Insane plant prices? What we think

Insane plant prices? What we think

Plant Market Gone Cray Cray

When we became plant enthusiasts, we never would have expected the boom would be so insane. We started off with a few “beginner” plants. Your run of the mill ones. You know what we mean - not them rare, expensive and worth more than gold per a gram plants.

Now it seems all of a sudden we have to have deep pockets to sustain our passion.

Shit’s Expensive. Why?

Our predecessors had gardening engrained in their blood. The gardening scene used to be HUGE 15 years ago. I’m not sure about you but I always found my parents out in the garden any chance they could get. Or even a new plant pop up in an unattractive corner of the family home.

Think back to when there were no smart phones and no broadband to consume the internet as quickly as we do now.

People had to do other things. And what more to keep us more grounded and connected with nature than to grow plants.

That was only plus/minus – 15 years ago.

In that time most of us managed to lose our passion as plant loving, caring and growing masters. We ended up getting consumed by what the internet could offer us. Connecting on a faster scale than we could have imagine. It was a distraction.

Don’t get me wrong – IT WAS NECESSARY!

At the moment we need the internet more than any other utility. We need a way to connect. I’ve always believed that social interaction is a vital human necessity. The internet keeps us connected in times where can not physically connect.

Due to COVID-19 the world has changed as we know it. Our lives, passion and hobbies.

We are all staying inside more than we used to.

Everyone needs a hobby to keep them sane when they’re at home right?

Otherwise it just becomes a blur of work and pleasure (real life).

Guess what people chose as theirs?

Damn right – Indoor plants.

I hope you all know the “Supply and Demand” graph in relation to cost.  If not, here’s a link

Basically, a bunch of us have been forced to find a new hobby which doesn’t consist of getting wasted in public. And when I think about it, the idea of clubbing seems so foreign now.  

Local suppliers just didn’t realise us kiwi’s would develop a green thumb all at once!

Supply alongside demand drives cost.

We’ve got a low supply alongside an ever-expanding demand = increased cost

There is no short term solution!

Stop getting upset at the prices. It will all correct itself in time. Just like anything in our capitalistic driven world - the market MUST run its course.

It just depends if you are willing to come along for the ride or not.

To us it seems like a really cool community to be a part of right now though!

We have met so many people along the way and to be honest I don’t think we have been able to build such meaning relationships with as many people as since we have joined the plant community.

We are going to stick around and see where the road takes us while nurturing our plant babies and plant friend relationships.

If some of the prices are a bit too much for you. Make some friends 😊Getting a cutting here and there and giving back as well! It all goes around one way or another.

Stay safe friends. We are always here to chat so feel free to reach out.


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    Insane plant prices? What we think– sunbulb

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    Insane plant prices? What we think– sunbulb

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