How plants are helping me get through COVID-19

How plants are helping me get through COVID-19

Let’s be real.

We all are here together.

The outside world. The promise land. It seems so far away.

It’s human nature to want what we can’t have.

When it all seems to out of control, my PPP has been thriving under MY control. The economy might be collapsing but damn I’m just here playing the 2020 Tamagotchi. Trading cards but with living plants. I’d even go as far as comparing them to Pokemon – I’ve definitely gotta catch em’ all.

The excitement of seeing the effort I have put into this temperamental (worse that my 9 month old) pay off if something money can’t buy. Depends if it’s a VMON in August 2020. Then YES money can  buy my happiness!

Seriously though, I love experimenting with plants. The significant other has no idea what I’m up so if I mess up then, well, IDGAF. Unless you have that unicorn partner that loves plants as much as you then you’re screwed cause you should have been monitoring the humidity, light and temperature.

I’ve watched the online plant community grow exponentially over last year. I’ve met, messaged, e-met and spoken to so many like minded plant people that will end up being friends for many years to come. Thank you to all of you who keep our little, but growing, ecosystem alive and running. I think our generation is now called “Planties in the time of corona”

The distraction is ultimately what is getting me through. Indoor plants are one thing. But the distraction of my newly made mates, that one “Karen” (sorry aunty Karen) that makes me stay up reading the Facebook thread until the admin turns off the comments and everyone in between. Not to mention something I can spend my money on and watch it grow!

I guess it’s not the plants that are getting me through this, it’s the people.

Stay safe everyone!

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